Saturday, March 24, 2007

Logo Complete

The logo is complete!

Special thanks to Rick Hershey over at Empty Room Studios for his hard work and advice.

Logo Work

Rick at ERS has been a gem to work with and the logo is very nearly completed already. I'll post it here as soon as I have it. Today I'm working on some freelance stuff but tomorrow I'd like to devote a good chunk of time to some Tricky Owlbear material (and the BSG finale, of course).

Saturday, March 17, 2007

In Production

Scot says he's buckling down this weekend to prepare for Tricky Owlbear's eventual breakthrough into the gaming world. We're a-go with Rick Hershey and ERS to design the logo and I've already been contacted by a known freelancer for work! As mentioned over on my own freelancing blog, I've begun designing the template for Behind the Monsters--"History", "Combat", and "Post Mortem" are the current section headers.

With any luck, we'll have 2 BtM releases, a Campaign Theme Pack: Aberrations I, and a fourth pdf to release when we finally surface on gaming sites near you!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Logo Design

I'm playing with the notion of having Empty Room Studios craft a logo for the Trocky Owlbear. This is the company that did one helluva nice job on my Temporality cover and the interior artwork for Hoards. Rick Hershey, the honcho of ERS, was extremely easy to work with. Have to see what Scot thinks...

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Product Line Ideas

Just my own random brainstorming here, but I'd like to see the following things blossom beneath the Tricky Owlbear umbrella.

Sci-Fi Bits: I suppose we could use d20Future for this line but I'm also leaning toward system-less bites of information for any science fiction game. Random crew generation of a starship and so forth (not to step too much on the Ronin Arts pdfs for this type of thing). In the same vein, but more grand in scope, is my newest dream of a mega sci-fi adventure which just throws the PCs into one harrowing encounter after another with one or more planets hanging in the balance. This thought comes after viewing 80s artwork for such games which usually feature grand collages of a setting's main components.

Behind the Monsters: Your favorite monsters from the SRD exposed like never before! Using the first product on the owlbear as a starting point, this line would actually be player-focused. Where did the creature come from? Does it have one or more weak spots and how does one go about exploiting them? Once the monster is dead, can its corpse bring more to the PC than simple experience?

Campaign Theme Pack: This was the original title for my Dread Codex book from Adamant Ent. before it grew into its current larger, all-encompassing, form. I'd like to draw from the copious amount of open content I own to develop smaller products that each feature a single monster type (undead, plant, ooze, etc.). You would get a handful of monsters, related items, and a generic sample lair typical of the monster type.

Behind the Spells: I can't see not contributing the ocassional pdf to this already-established line. There's still plenty of knowledge left in Maxolt!

OSRIC: Almost forgot! I absolutely want to help scratch the 1st edition itch of myself and others with some OSRIC adventure material. The market is out there, no question.

Titles and content of the above are all subject to change, of course. :)