Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Special Stimulus Offer!

We at Tricky Owlbear Publishing want to help you stretch your gaming dollars as far as they'll go. To that end, we're offering a special deal from now through Saturday, Feb 28th. Here's how it works...

Step 1: You buy Behind the Spells: Compendium at any online vendor. PDF format is available at Paizo here:
YourGamesNow here:
OBS here: Print format available via our storefront here:

Step 2: When you receive an email confirming the purchase from one of these sites, send us a copy of that email to:

Step 3: We email you the 4 "Behind the Spells" pdfs produced after the Compendium was published. These include Vampiric Touch, Sanctuary, Feather Fall, and Darkness.

Buy 1 book and get 4 products for free. It's that easy and you'll then have the entire "Behind the Spells" collection as of this date! Not a bad deal to own all the facts behind your favorite SRD spells. Take advantage of the Tricky Owlbear Stimulus Offer today!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Water Breathing

No need to hold your breath any longer, issue #6 is now ready for your enjoyment:

Are these spell histories and their accompanying magics tickling your fancy? Let us know here or over at the KQ forums.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Traveller Meeting

I had a productive lunch meeting today with Chuck Cuthbert (co-author of BtM: Terror Turkey) and have tapped him to do most of the writing legwork for our first Traveller adventure. He's much more familiar with the material than me and has a great eye for detail when it comes to science and technology. He and I hammered out the basic plotline for this adventure geared toward first-time Traveller GMs and it's not bad. Needs something which I'll have to think about for our next meeting. Still, a very fun way to spend 2-1/2 hrs at Pizza Hut.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

More KQ goodies

Yeah, I really don't update this very often. Since the last post, we've produced one more Behind the Spells mini-issues for That one was Summon Monster and the follow-up I'm nearly finished with is Water Breathing. It is a follow-up in the sense that both spells surface in the BtS timeline at the same Magefair contest (you'll just have to read them to find out which one comes out on top).

We're also prepping an introductory adventure for 3.5/OGL aimed at new GMs which takes place in medieval England (1104 to be exact).