Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Achievement Feats: Volume 2 released!

Great heroes perform great deeds—whether saving the world from annihilation, discovering heretofore unknown continents and planes of existence, unearthing the mysteries of forgotten civilizations, or defending entire cities from hordes of undead. Such acts of heroism, and occasionally villainy, leave their marks upon the souls and bodies of these heroes. Achievement Feats: Volume 2 details the in-game effects these grand heroics might have on a PC. This volume uses a slightly different approach than volume 1 in the series in that it requires little bookkeeping. It's a win-win for everyone!

Written by Susann K Hessen, AF2 retails for $2.95 and is available at PAIZO, RPGNow, and at YourGamesNow!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Update

It's with some alarm that I notice no new posts since the end of last year. I have only myself to blame. Hope everyone's having an enjoyable spring of gaming and is ready for some Owlbear releases. Here's what we're working on...

The Tricky Owlbear v3.75 Player's Chapbook: If you know of Mongoose Publishing's old 3.5 player's handbook (bare bones book with rules and that's all) then you've got the right idea about this release. We'll be looking over the finished edit soon and, so far, it's looking good. The Chapbook will contain all of the Pathfinder core rules pertaining to players as well as the player bits from the Advanced Player's Guide.

Achievement Feats, part 2: Written by Susann Hessen, this new take on the achievement feats concept is sure to please lovers of the first pdf and those new to the concept as well.

Forgotten Foes: Our flagship monster tome was submitted to the ENnies and will also be seeing a release into print in August. We're printing and distributing through Studio 2 Publishing so this great creature resource will be available in stores before too long. I know many people have been waiting for this one (us among them)!!

What Goes Up!: I know, I know, I've been posting about this one for awhile. I'm determined to get this old school adventure written and ready for release by summer's end. It features fantastic cover art by Jan Pospisil, uses Swords & Wizardry rules, and has to do with gnolls...using gliders...yes, you read that right. The adventure is for a party of level 1 adventurers.

Behind the Monsters: Compendium: Unfortunately, this series just never hit the sales numbers we were looking for. We're going to release the final issue--BtM: Dark Folk (featuring dark creepers and stalkers)--and then wrap all the issues together into a Pathfinder-compatible print version (and pdf too of course). We're going to print a limited number of these compilations at a local printer and mail it out ourselves. Probably only have 75 or so of them to make sure they sell out.

Many apologies for being so quiet over the last few months. Bret (me) has been dealing with some health issues and Scot is currently, as they say, in between jobs at the moment, making things more than a bit stressful for him, his wife, and their new baby. But bear with us, for the Owlbear will deliver more gaming goodness soon!