Monday, May 21, 2007

Talkin' Bout My Corporation

This week, Scot and I meet with an accountant about the ins and outs of incorporating the Tricky Owlbear. Despite getting a good laugh from our name, I'm hoping the man has some good advice for us. :) On the product end, I finished a draft I'm happy with for Behind the Monsters: Owlbear while Mike is working on BtM: Xorn.

And this idea keeps popping into my head to develop a mini-setting where the PCs awake to find themselves and a sampling of all races from their world on an entirely new planet (although they don't know this). In a lush valley, the transplanted races and PCs escape a downed spaceship. Their captors are either dead or escaped before the crash but some of their technology survived for use. It would be cool to keep Dragonstar alive by using the tech from that since it's already "compatible" with d20 fantasy. Eh, probably just an idle fancy but I think adventuring in and investigating a totally new realm would be a lot of fun!


Greg said...

Do it! Do it! I'd play it. :)

Mike said...

Something for Dragonstar might be interesting.

I'll have to check up on how much of that setting is OGC over the weekend.