Monday, July 7, 2008

Compendium Released!

At long last, the book many have been waiting for is finally available and just in time for Tricky Owlbear's 1st anniversary! Behind the Spells: Compendium presents the first 36 issues of the Behind the Spells series along with brand new content and behind-the-scenes comments by the author!

As always, for each spell you get a history of the creator, at least two "spell secrets" (new rules for using the spell), and "related research" (new material which somehow relates to the spell or its creator). Whether you're a player or a GM, there's wealth of v3.5/OGL information in these pages just waiting to be unleashed at the game table.

Why buy books packed with new spells when there is still so much that can be done with the classics? Get back to basics with Behind the Spells Compendium!

As of this day, this title is only available as a pdf at RPGNow here: , Your Games Now here: and But within the next week, you'll be able to purchase a print copy through (softcover and hardcover)! Watch for that announcement soon.

Retail price for the pdf is $15 but in honor of our anniversary, we're offering it at 20% off (or $12) for the next week. Thanks to everyone for your support of the series over the last 3 years!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Tricky Owlbears and many more! The book looks great!

Bret said...

It sure does, thanks Zlaty!