Friday, September 14, 2007

BtM: Bulette

Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc. is pleased to bring you the third release in the Behind the Monsters line, this one focusing on that most dangerous predator the bulette!
These pdfs follow a format similar to that found in the popular Behind the Spells series (also presented by Tricky Owlbear Publishing) so chances are good that, if you enjoy that series, this one will also strike your fancy. Each issue is narrated by Jadrin Nelv, monk of the Order of the Sacred Branch. Jadrin schools novice monks in the ways of the multiverse's creatures and we, the readers, get to listen in. Whether you're a player or a GM, you will find something of use within these pages. Includes two adventurer combat tactics, one new monster, and one new spell!

You can purchase this pdf two spots. RPGNow here: or YourGamesNow here:

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