Sunday, September 16, 2007

Campaign Ending Adventure Trilogy?

With 4e coming next May, I was curious to see how DMs handle an edition change for their campaigns. Thus, I posted this thread at ENWorld:

Besides idle curiosity, however, this thread is a bit of market research for an idea I had on Friday--a trilogy of campaign ending/changing modules. If, as I thought, DMs ended their current campaigns to start fresh with the new edition, then such a trilogy might be a good seller. According to the thread poll results, though, I might be mistaken. The option of picking up an adventure geared this way is dead last. Seems the bulk of the groups responding will continue as they have or the DMs in question are writing their own finales.

Even with the data, perhaps a single adventure fashioned to end a campaign would still have good customer response. I'll have to stew on this longer and get some of my Tricky Owlbear friends' opinions.

In other news, Tricky Owlbear is gaining sole rights to my Behind the Spells series. It's just easier than Ronin Arts figuring out the sales from sites we're not on (and vice verse for RPGNow). With that agreement, TO will be publishing our first print product--Behind the Spells: The Compendium. The first 36 issues were errated by me at the end of '06 and new material added for the print edition. We'll be releasing this first in pdf and then in print form hopefully by year's end.


Anonymous said...

A glorious action packed finale of a module would keep a seasoned adventuring party cheering and throwing dice until the cows come home. Not really wanton character deaths as fitting of a campaign ending adventure. Rather triumph over enemies, money, power, fame, and gratuitous explosions.


Bret said...

You know, I don't think I ever saw cows (coming home or otherwise) in a module. Perhaps it's time to correct that oversight!