Friday, April 25, 2008

Treasure Chests: Vol. 2

Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc. is pleased to present the follow-up to our popular Treasure Chests release: Volume 2! This 6-page PDF, written by Bret Boyd, presents 10 more treasure chests that GMs can use to store treasure or use as treasure. As with the first volume, this pdf includes both magical and mundane treasure chests. Each entry lists the chest's physical description, defenses, and quirks.

This pdf features the following types of chests: Clan Chest, Coin-Scatter Coffer, Decoy Chest, Earth Chest, Heraldry Chest, Oracle Chest, Sailor's Chest, Straw Box, Traveler's Chest, and the Watch Chest!

Treasure Chests: Volume 2 retails for $2.00 and can be purchased at the following sites: Paizo, YourGamesNow, and RPGNow.

Please Note: The first Treasure Chests pdf is listed as a new release on Paizo and YGN but this is actually the old pdf in our new format. So, if you already own the original, don't let the new look fool you. :)

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