Sunday, April 13, 2008

Upcoming Releases

Here is a tentative roster of releases for Tricky Owlbear (so you can get your dollars ready!). These products, like the rest of our catalog, are v3.5/OGL, and are subject to change.

Behind the Monsters: Gargoyle
Treasure Chests, volume II
Behind the Spells: Feather Fall

Behind the Monsters: Dark Creeper
Behind the Spells: Darkness
When Heroes Fall: An adventure for PC levels 4 to 6, utilizing information from the other releases this month. Adventurers are disappearing and it's up to the PCs to unravel the mystery.

July and beyond
Behind the Spells: Compendium: A print collection of the first 36 BtS releases complete with errata and extras! We hope to have the pdf version out in the months prior to this. I know folks have been waiting and waiting and we won't let them down.
Behind the Spells: Permanency
Behind the Monsters: Naga
Behind the Monsters: Demilich and Behind the Monsters: Vegepygmy: Both of these written by noted DCC author Mike Ferguson.

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