Thursday, July 16, 2009

'Abbey of the Golden Sparrow' preview

I wanted to show something of our very first Pathfinder-compatible product and decided on this image from Tricky Owlbear regular artist David Hamilton. This is an interior b/w but I believe we'll also feature it on the cover. As I've mentioned on my blog, the Abbey is a mountain locale for monks and the product details a typical life there as well as all the requisite new crunch (new feats, items, 2 sample NPCs, new Character Traits as featured in Paizo's Player's Companion: Second Darkness). What kind of locales would you like to see Tricky Owlbear tackle? We'd like to develop products in this line that are reusable and we think Abbey fits that bill nicely and is a great first product.

Below is the symbol of the monks--the golden sparrow--and is seen on the medallions they wear. These tokens are also one of the new magical items, allowing the monks to magically message nearby monks.

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