Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Matter of Faith released!

Is Your Faith Strong Enough?

In 12th-century England, the Welsh-English border is an unstable place. But one Christian outpost is determined to make its stand--with the PCs help, of course! Part adventure and part setting, A Matter of Faith is a 1st-level adventure designed for beginner Game Masters and brings 3.5/OGL fantasy adventure to medieval England. Once the adventure is completed, the outpost will make the perfect home for the new adventuring party.

A Matter of Faith provides...
* A murder-mystery featuring equal parts roleplaying and combat
* Detailed maps of the Malbank Outpost, its church, and the English landscape around it
* Over 20 fully-detailed NPCs that bring the Malbank Outpost to life
* Numerous adventure possibilities that use the outpost as a backdrop (including a quest for a religious item of biblical proportions!)

Will your novice characters have enough faith both in their abilities and in their hearts to overcome the forces of evil and save the outpost from certain doom?

A Matter of Faith retails for $5.95 and is available from OBS, YGN, and Paizo!

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